Meet the Trustees

Momade Faizal (Chairman)

Born in Mozambique and raised in Portugal, he is a devoted husband, father of four, with the eldest studying at RHUL. He benefits from 24+ years of experience in Director/Head Of roles across diverse industries. Dedicating focus largely in education, he served as a Madrasah Manager for ~5 years at Stoke Poges Mosque; he later founded Learn Islam, a non-profit charity dedicated to enhancing knowledge about Islam in primary and secondary schools. Serves as a representative of SACRE (Standing Advisory Council of Religious Education); Is a co-opted Governor at Stoke Poges School, where he works towards fostering understanding and promoting equality. In his spare time, he teaches Computer Science to GCSE/A-Level students. Rejecting titles, he sees himself as a humble servant of Allah, chosen to fulfill his tasks. Finding profound fulfillment that Allah rewards us for our deeds, aspiring to inspire unity, combat discrimination, Islamophobia and promote values rooted in the Qur'an and the Sunnah.

Mohamed Kharbouch (Vice Chair)

Dr Mohamed Kharbouch is a highly accomplished IT professional, serving as an IT Service Delivery Manager and IT Implementation Manager. Fluent in multiple languages and commercially astute, he excels in client relations, negotiation, and leadership. With a proven track record, has successfully managed technical teams, overseen change projects, and implemented governance programs, emphasising robust risk controls. In addition to his IT leadership roles, Mohamed is an active member of the RMS community, serving as a trustee since 2018. He contributes to various voluntary positions, including Chairman of Wokingham Muslim Society, Patient Representative for the Area Prescribing Committee (APC), Member of the Racial Advisory Group in Surrey, Governor of Slough & Eton College, and a Registered School Speaker at re-hubs in the South East. He is widely recognised for working with the future generation, sharing his knowledge and experience, and showcasing his expertise in both professional and community spheres.

Shahpara Shah (Treasurer)

Shahpara Shah has been a member of RMS since 2004. She has almost 40 years of experience working in social care; community work and education. One of her most fulfilling roles was as a project manager for youth and community groups. Shahpara is also a keen advocate for women who are survivors of domestic abuse: supporting women to re-build their independence after trauma. She also ran an international higher education consultancy. She continues to advocate for the most vulnerable and marginalised groups in society: she has been active in providing meals at the local food kitchen; supporting young mothers and fundraising for other local causes. She remains a committed supporter of trade union activities. Shahpara has worked to support mosques in the surrounding area, including supporting school visits and providing meals for iftars. She has been the RMS Treasurer since May 2023, having previously acted as Assistant Treasurer since 2017.

Ahmad Al-Amin (Trustee)

Dedicated husband, father, and grandfather, I joined IWAS in 2003 upon relocating from the US, actively engaging in the community ever since. My lasting friendships, and those of my children, were forged at IWAS, where I served as a trustee twice. Before 2003, I worked as a senior Engineer in the US, specializing in designing and manufacturing Airbags for personal cars. My educational background includes a BS in Construction Engineering (1983) and a Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering (1989) from the USA. In my engineering career, I excelled at TRW, contributing over 30 patented designs in Vehicle Airbag design and manufacturing. Post-retirement, I've ventured into catering and restaurant management, overseeing outlets in Slough, Windsor, and Hounslow.

Abdul Majid Hawa (Trustee)

I relocated to Englefield Green in 1989 after a successful career at 3M, where I rose through various senior roles before opting for early retirement in 2001. Married with two children and five grandchildren, I began my association with ŔHUL, witnessing its initial Muslim student community growth in the mid-90s. Committed to fostering understanding, I co-founded a charity in 1994-95, leading to the upcoming establishment of Egham's first Masjid. As a founding member of RMS, I envisioned a community centre bridging cultures and dispelling misconceptions about Islam. My connections within the global Ummah include individuals who've risen to governmental and senior positions. Additionally, my contributions as a Governor at Slough Grammar, College Council Member at Royal Holloway University, and the establishment of the Muslim Cemetery in Englefield led to the honour of receiving an honorary fellowship for dedicated support to the university and Muslim students.

Mohamed Sami El-Taji (Trustee)

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Mariam Gamiet (Trustee)

Mariam was born in South Africa and has lived in the UK for the past 45 years. She is married and has four children and seven grandchildren. She’s a qualified, registered general nurse and a psychiatric nurse. She also qualified as a registered midwife in South Africa, and has worked in these roles during the Apartheid era until 1978. In the UK, she completed level four management training. She is a founder of the Trustworth Group (healthcare) and a Director of the company. She is also a founder of the Amana Educational Trust. Mariam joined the Islamic Wefare Association of West Surrey, which later became Runnymede Muslim Society, where she has served continuously for 26 years. She was Treasurer for about 7 or 8 years until May 2023. Mariam is still a trustee and she continues to work for the benefit of all communities in the area.

Essam El-Din Mahgoub (Trustee)

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Nevid Ahmed (Co-Opted Trustee)

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“And Allah Invites TO The Home OF PEACE”

Surah Yunus, Verse 25

The Jamia Masjid & Islamic Centre prides itself in being actively involved in helping the local community, and offers the following services:

  • Janaaza (Funeral Prayer).
  • Nikkah (Islamic Marriage Ceremony).
  • Advice session for health and well-being (every Friday after Jummah Prayer).
  • Advice session for finance (every Friday after Jummah Prayer).
  • Help and support on a wide variety of matters (provided they are relevant).
  • Organised visits from schools in the Berkshire and Buckinghamshire counties.
  • Multi/Inter-Faith visits and meetings.
  • Visits by multiple agencies for educational purposes.

For the Nikkah Ceremony, advance booking is required with the Mosque Management – please get in touch if you have any questions, or for more details. You can download the booking form by clicking here – please email the completed form to us in order to progress with the process.

The Masjid is also registered with the Slough Register Office (Slough Borough Council).