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Prayer times at the Jurgens Centre


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Daily prayers at Jurgens Centre

Join us for any of your five daily salah prayers. We don't have a masjid, but we pray in jama'a at The Jurgens Centre (where we hold Friday Prayers). These take place either in the main hall, or the meeting rooms if the Church has a booking.

The Jurgens Centre, 91 Harvest Road, Englefield Green, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0QR

Entering the building

Car parking is free. Please enter via the main front door, which will be opened at Adhan time. A trustee will have access via a side door. The internal double doors, just after the toilets, must be kept closed at Isha and Fajr, so the prayer sounds cannot get carried to the residents on Harvest Road.

Please, please, please!

  • The times displayed are the only times we can be on these premises, so if you are late, you will not be able to pray.
  • We must keep noise right down, particularly at Isha and Fajr and definitely no talking/loitering outside the hall when we come for these prayers. Please also be aware of engine noise when approaching and leaving.
  • Please try and do your wudu and use toilet facilities at home before coming for prayer.
  • If you do need to use the facilities at the Centre, you must mop and tidy up after yourself (there is a Janitorial room next to the main door on the right). Remember the organisers also need to get back to home/work/other commitments in a timely manner like you and cannot be the Janitors! Last person out to be responsible for switching lights off and closing the main door.

If this rent arrangement does not suit, then either party can terminate the agreement with a month's notice. Please show consideration to our hosts.


The rental money will be raised through our weekly Friday collections and the proposal is that any surplus collection over the £400 we need, will go into our Masjid Project.

Ideally we would love members from our community, who are able, to donate directly towards the rent. If interested, please see one of the trustees, email our chairman, Ishak at [email protected] or use the contact us form on this website.

The longer term

Our long-term aim remains establishing a place of our own. This rental agreement is an interim measure until such time in the future that Allah SWT blesses us with a permanent home.

Please encourage all who live locally to become regulars and for those further afield to join in whenever able, or if passing by.

Free parking is available on site.


Important: If using the car park, please park only within the desgnated parking bays, not on yellow lines, verges or on kerbs.

Salah times

Friday prayers

Winter time (November 1 to January 31)

  • Adhan: 01:00pm
  • Khutbah: 01:10pm
  • end, followed by Asr: 1:55pm

Summer time (February 1 until October 31)

  • Adhan: 1:10pm
  • Khutbah: 1:15pm

Jamaa prayer times

Summer (Last Sunday of March to last Sunday of October)

  • Fajr: 30 minutes before Sunrise.
  • Dhuhr: 01:45 pm.
  • Asr: 04:45 pm.
  • Maghrib: 10 minutes after Athan.
  • Isha'a: 5 minutes after Athan.

Winter (Last Sunday of October to last Sunday of March)

  • Fajr: 45 minutes before Sunrise
  • Dhuhr: 01:15 pm.
  • Asr: 5 minutes after Athan.
  • Maghrib: 10 minutes after Athan.
  • Isha'a: 07:00 pm.

The Jurgens Centre will open just before the jamaa prayer. The daily prayers are performed in Room 2; to access it, use the side entrance on the left of the centre.